Saturday, August 15, 2015

Print on Demand: Word by Ulf Härstedt

"This world harvest a great deal of amazing artists. Some have had great success and some have not. I'm guessing that many artist minds around the world wake up every morning and dream of getting their art out in the open. But are held back by their thoughts of it being impossible, due to the financial part of opening a art shop, clothing shop or something like that.

And then they trash the dream, and move on with their lives and not letting us see their beautiful works. This has been the truth for a long time, until now.

POD is great opportunity for all the great artists around the world that don't have the finances to start big. POD have the possibility to transform a dreaming artist at night, into a real artist at day. This is the possibilities of POD, and NOT the way POD works automatically. Even if the world of POD is a minefield of shady people, it COULD be the key out for a dreaming artist."

Ulf Härstedt


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